23 marzo 2006

Google Wi-Fi: nuovo brevetto per l'advertising wireless

advertising wireless E chi li ferma più. Ormai di tutti i brevetti che Google ha registrato ho davvero perso il conto.

Comunque pochi giorni fa ne hanno registrato uno nuovo che riguarda la distribuzione di advertising via Wi-Fi:

"Method and system to provide advertisements based on wireless access points".

Magari daranno l'accesso wi-fi gratuito in cambio di pubblicità.
Di seguito un estratto del patent:

[0046] In stage 610, the first entity, in turn, credits the WAP provider
with a portion of the advertisement revenue. The portion of the revenue may include a flat rate, a percentage of the advertisement revenue, or a combination thereof. In one embodiment, the first entity identifies the WAP to be credited via the IP address.

[0047] As a result of receiving a portion of the advertisement revenue, the WAP provider is may cover the expenses of providing the WAP and may recoup a profit, while providing end-users with access to the WAP at a reduced rate.

[0048] In alternative embodiments, data other than advertisements could be inserted by the first entity into the view presented to the end-user accessing a WAP. For example, the data could in the form of a message, or a static advertisement that does not include a hyperlink.

[0049] Furthermore, the processes and architecture described above may be used to provide wireless access at a reduced rate for multiple WAPs, including multiple disparate WAPs.