16 marzo 2006

Blog Search

blog searchContinua sul search blog di Yahoo la terza parte dell' intervista a Andrei Broder in merito alla situazione attuale nonchè al futuro del search.

Un piccolo estratto dell'intervista tratta della ricerca dei blog e del suo attuale stato di salute:

"Blog search is difficult. If you look at web search in general, the biggest help comes from metadata, anchor text, links, web graph analysis, etc. For blogs we have very little useful metadata. And even if you do have metadata for blogs, it is often wrong, or you can’t trust it, so you use it very little.

Furthermore, context is not always there. A lot of blogs are not self-contained, context surrounds them. Even a human doesn’t understand what’s going in a blog if dropped into the middle of it. I’m not sure how much progress we will see, (but then again, I’m not focusing on that!)."