24 febbraio 2006

Yahoo Search Marketing: cambio di policy sui marchi registrati

Yahoo Search Marketing
Di ieri la notizia che a decorrere dal 1 Marzo 2006 cambierà la policy sui marchi registrati di Yahoo Search Marketing e non consentirà più, nel keyword advertising, il bid sugli altrui trademark, stando a quanto riportato da una email ufficiale che la divisione sul search marketing di Overture ha inviato ai suoi advertiser.

Di seguito un estratto della nuova policy sul trademark:

"Advertisers sometimes bid on search terms that are the trademarks of others. For bids on search terms in Yahoo! Search Marketing's Sponsored Search service, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture Services, Inc.) requires advertisers to agree that their search terms, their listing titles and descriptions, and the content of their Web sites do not violate the trademark rights of others.

In cases in which an advertiser has bid on a term that may be the trademark of another, Yahoo! Search Marketing allows the bids only if the advertiser presents content on its Web site that (a) refers to the trademark or its owner or related product in a permissible nominative manner without creating a likelihood of consumer confusion (for example, comparative advertising, sale of a product bearing the trademark, or commentary, criticism or other permissible information about the trademark owner or its product) or (b) uses the term in a generic or merely descriptive manner. In addition, the advertiser's listing should disclose the nature of the relevant content [...].